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Michael Jackson track releases

‘Breaking News’, the first single from Michael Jackson’s upcoming album ‘Michael’, has been released in full on the late singer’s website.

The song describes the superstar’s life in the public eye and the harassment he received at the hand of the paparazzi: “Everybody wanting a piece of Michael Jackson/Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson/ Just when you thought he was done, he comes to give it again," Michael sings. "They want to see that I fall, cause I'm Michael Jackson/ You write the words to destroy like it's a weapon."

The new album, which is due to drop next month (December 14) has been surrounded by controversy as the singer’s family dispute the authenticity of the recorded vocals.

An unreleased track called ‘Opis None’ appeared on the website JacksonSecretVault, accompanied by a message claiming that Katherine Jackson was putting it out. However, Michael’s mom denied her involvement and Jackie Jackson revealed on Twitter: "Dear fans: I just spoke with my Mother and she did NOT authorize the release of the demo track called Opus None. I personally think it was sampled together by an unauthorized party ... Please don't believe gossip sites ..."

As it turns out, ‘Opis None’ was not a new original track , but rather an old remix and Katherine Jackson’s business partner Howard Mann was revealed to be the one behind the release, he has since apologised and admitted Katherine was not involved.

Listen to the new officially released 'Breaking News' below: