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Take That talk rehab and reunion in new documentary

A new documentary following the reunion of Take That will not be about happy hugs and handshakes, but rather about the volatile situations that led to the group’s announcement at the Savoy hotel.

Take That: Look Back, Don’t Stare’ is a brutally honest and candid account of the band members’ personal failings and how they almost dashed the chances of reconciliation.

Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow open up about their long-running feud with Williams revealing: "My problem has always been with Gary. It always was with Gary. I wanted to crush him, I wanted to crush the memory of the band - and I didn't let go.

"You know, even when he was down, I didn't let go. And for that I sincerely apologise. But I needed Gary to listen to my truth, to what my experience was, and I needed him to validate it for me.

"And he validated it for me. And it was a real f****** magical moment because you realise when two grown-ups meet up and go, 'Here's my truth' you go, 'Yeah, I'm sorry'.

Barlow added: "The Rob I'm with now certainly wasn't the guy I was with in the Nineties. I needed those years. I needed that to happen to get to here. I almost want to say thanks. All that s*** was great because it made me reach the bottom. Now look at me.”

The film also follows Mark Owen as he leaves rehab to rejoin the band. Owen, who had been battling with alcoholism and his own infidelity was almost ready to give up music, but managed to overcome his demons for the good of the band.

He said: "I didn't really know I was broke - but I was pretty f****** broke when I look back at it now. Drink and me equals not good, really.”

The candid documentary ‘Take That: Look Back, Don’t Stare’ will be airing on ITV on Saturday (November 13) directly after ‘X Factor’. Watch the trailer below: