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Plan B plans 'Banks' film with Kelly Brook

Singer Plan B has revealed plans to turn his number one album ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’ into a feature-length film, with sexpot actress Kelly Brook as the leading lady.

Plan B, real name Ben Drew, surprised fans this year when he dropped his straight rapping to record a soul-infused album documenting the story of an innocent man thrown in jail.

Now the singer plans to commit the story to film and plans to have Kelly Brook playing the woman who frames Strickland Banks – a part of the story documented in the hit single from the album ‘She Said’.

He said: "I'm constantly creating as it's hard to keep playing the same songs over and over. I started making this record three years ago. So now we're talking about doing a film of the album, which is something that's going to excite me and allow me to work on this project for longer than I would normally. Kelly wants to be involved so we'll see how that pans out."

Kelly Brook admits being excited by the plans, saying: "I love Plan B. I want to be a gangster's moll so I'd love to be in his film - just as long as he gives me a fur coat. He said he would!"