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My Chemical Romance dismiss split rumours

My Chemical Romance singer, Gerard Way, has backtracked after saying the group’s next record could be their “last big adventure”.

Speaking with The Sunday Times last week about the band’s upcoming record ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’, Way said: "This record could be our last big adventure - that's why we had to make it again, that's why we spent the money, that's why we're going to spend more on how it looks than we ever have."

However, the group has since rubbished the rumours the comment sparked, calling the suggestion nothing but “a headline” and explaining that Way’s comment had been misinterpreted.

"It's so funny, it's so obviously a headline,” Way told The Quietus. “What I said was, 'This could be our last big adventure'. That could mean so many things. We don't know what's going to happen, this could be our last big adventure, so let's go all in.

"It's so easy to chop that statement in half. Why would it be our last record? To me, it's the first of hopefully another five records.

"I think it's just misleading. It's a drag for the fans ... it's a drag for everybody. I don't want to read that."

Watch the preview for the band's single 'Art Is The Weapon' below:

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