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George Bush forgives Kanye West

Former US President George Bush has “absolutely” forgiven rapper Kanye West for alleging that he was a racist.

During a live interview on the ‘Today’ show this morning (November 10), Matt Lauer revealed to the former leader that Kanye “stopped by to see me yesterday. He seems to have changed his tone rather dramatically."

Lauer went on to play a tape of the rapper – who once said that Bush “did not care about black people” – in which he states: "I would tell George Bush I didn't have the grounds to call him a racist … We, as human beings, don't always choose the right words."

Bush accepted West’s apology, saying: "I appreciate that.” And when asked if he forgives West for the comment: “absolutely” he replied.

"I'm not a hater. I didn't hate Kanye West,” added Bush. “I was talking about an environment in which people were saying things that hurt. Nobody wants to be called racist if in your heart you believe in equality of race."

Watch Kanye talking about his controversial comments back in 2007, below:

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