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Simon Cowell picked Shayne Ward’s single

‘X Factor’ winner Shayne Ward has revealed exactly why he decided to release Nickelback cover ‘Gotta Be Somebody’ as his first single after a three year break from music.

The singer – who won the talent contest back in 2005 – says that the show's judge Simon Cowell was not only the one who said he should release the cover as a single, but also put forward the suggestion to record it in the first place. Ward says Cowell “makes every decision that's made".

Speaking to MTV UK the star – who performed the single on the ‘X Factor’ last week – said: "I was in a great position, obviously with the whole two and a half years of recording so much material, that we had at least six or seven possible first singles, so I felt quite happy with that."

"But when this song came about, it wasn’t even in the mix until Simon Cowell threw it in there and it was exciting to go and record it because I didn’t know how it was going to sound from rock to pop."

He continued: "Then we sent it back to Simon and he was just adamant that this had to be the first single. The more that I listen to it and live with it, I totally agree because it is such a great song so, very pleased with it."

Watch the video for Ward’s comeback single ‘Gotta Be Somebody’ below:


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