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Professor Green quits smoking to save his voice

Professor Green has revealed that he had to quit smoking because of the negative effect it was having on his throat and voice – leaving the singer “spitting blood” after performances.

The rapper said he has had to give up his vices of smoking and drinking in favour of herbal teas in order to keep his voice up to the task of performing.

He said: "I don't smoke anymore, I had to knock it on the head. After all the years I'd been smoking, it was high time that I did. I'd be smoking onstage, I'd have my whisky onstage I'd come off and my throat would be ripped to shreds – to the extent where I was spitting blood."

On his new pre-show routine, the ‘Monster’ singer said: "It's alright, gotta have a throat coat tea because my voice is going, innit."

Watch the video for Professor Green's 'Monster' below:


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