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Plan B to give away third album for free?

After a very successful year in the spotlight, UK rapper and singer Plan B admits to considering giving his next album away for free.

Plan B, real name Ben Drew, spoke exclusively to the Metro newspaper about the new direction he will take on his upcoming record, ‘The Ballad of Belmarsh’:

“People who are fans of good music will like my hip hop record but how the whole Plan B thing went crazy this year, I don’t think they’ll go crazy like that over the next album. I might release it for free. I’m not doing a long campaign like I did for this one.”

The ‘She Said’ singer is keen to go back to his roots with what will be his third studio album and even admits, “I’ll probably drop back into obscurity again and everyone will think I was a one-hit wonder”, but after a year of international exposure he certainly has his fans behind him. 

Watch Plan B's latest music video for 'The Recluse' here:


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