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We caught up with Vitamin to chat about their 2016 plans

Leeds based four-piece Vitamin recently unveiled their brand new video for single 'This Isn’t Love' and we caught up with frontman Jared to chat about their plans for the rest of 2016, musical influences, and their Charlotte Rutherford-directed new visuals.

What are you listening to at right now? 

I'm really into Grimes' new album 'Art Angels'. It's just a totally forward thinking album, such a breath of fresh air for me. 

Do you have an all-time favourite album or song, and if so, what is it and why? 

My mood changes too quickly to settle on just one song, For all time favourite record i'd go 'Thriller'. Simply because the level of song writing on that record is practically un-touchable, seriously haven't heard a record that comes close since. It's fascinating that it's basically an album of hits but simultaneously a totally cohesive piece of art.   

Tell us about your song and video ‘This Isn’t Love’! It’s awesome!

The song is simply about not being in love with a person that loves you. It's realising the difference between 'loving someone' and 'being in love' and being honest with yourself about the reality of a relationship, with that also comes a sense of celebration you find when your honest with yourself about how you truly feel. We collaborated with one my favourite directors on the video, Charlotte Rutherford. The video depicts a relationship with something twisted beneath the surface, the bizarre and otherworldly inflections within the aesthetic of the video represent that turmoil beneath surface.  

What’s coming next for Vitamin? Are you recording a full-length record or planning a tour?

We're going to be touring throughout the rest of year, we'll be touring with The Magic Gang as well as Clean Cut Kid, we'll also be at a bunch of festivals over summer. We're starting up 'Brothers and Sisters' again (our club night) starting in April. We're still working on the record but it's coming! I can't for us to start showing people what we have planned for this album.  

Talking of tours, what are your best memories of being on the road? Any crazy or memorable stories? Favourite places to play?

I just want to see the whole world and seeing it through music suits me, Japan and America are big ones for me. 

Vitamin will perform around the UK this spring and their confirmed dates can be seen here:

  • 26th March – Stockton Calling Festival
  • 30th April – Live At Leeds
  • 21st May – Great Escape Festival 

The group's live dates in support of The Magic Gang are as follows:

  • 14th April – Patterns, Brighton W/ The Magic Gang
  • 16th April – The Bullingdon, Oxford W/ The Magic Gang
  • 17th April – Oakford, Reading W/ The Magic Gang
  • 18th April – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham W/ The Magic Gang
  • 20th April – The Horn, St. Albans W/ The Magic Gang
  • 21st April – Sugarmill, Stoke W/ The Magic Gang
  • 23rd April – The Brudenell, Leeds W/ The Magic Gang
  • 24th April – Studio 2, Liverpool W/ The Magic Gang
  • 25th April – The Think Tank, Newcastle W/ The Magic Gang
  • 28th April – Sound Control, Manchester W/ The Magic Gang
  • 29th April – Handmade Festival, Leicester W/ The Magic Gang
  • 29th May – Lost Village Festival, Lincolnshire

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Watch their music video for 'This Isn't Love' here:


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