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Nadine Coyle in gas leak nightmare

Girls Aloud member and now ‘Insatiable’ solo artist, Nadine Coyle, revealed that her L.A home was hit by a serious gas leak.

Coyle, 25, told The Sun newspaper:

“Everyone could have died. We're lucky still to be here. My mouth erupted in blisters. I couldn't sleep or eat or think straight.”

"Everyone got really drowsy and we kept having to go to sleep. We all felt like we had really bad flu. My older sister got so ill we thought she was dying.”

Lillian, Coyle’s mother, eventually called out a gas worker who identified the problem as a cracked boiler in the family’s Huntington Beach mansion.

According to reports it was only because the house was so well ventilated that the situation wasn’t more severe. 

Watch Nadine's video for her debut solo single, 'Insatiable', here:


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