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Bruno Mars on the set of his new music video

Chart topping singer/songwriter Bruno Mars has released behind-the-scenes footage of his new single’s video shoot.

The UK headquarters of Atlantic Records took to its Twitter account this afternoon (November 16) to share the exclusive preview with his fans:

“WATCH: @BrunoMars - Behind the scenes of the new video shoot!”

Mars’ second single will be the highly publicized ‘Grenade’, a song that he has been promoting through Twitter for the past two months now and one that features on his debut album, ‘Doo-wops and Hooligans’.

The video looks set to be as engaging as his first as the footage shows Mars pulling a piano around a city in a suit and tie.

On November 12, a fan messaged Mars through the social networking site, Twitter, to ask when the video for ‘Grenade’ would be released and he replied with, “One more week my friend.. Its gonna be Glorious!”.

Watch the making of 'Grenade' here: