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Daft Punk hope 'Tron: Legacy' will turn fans onto classical music

Daft Punk are hoping that their soundtrack to the new movie ‘Tron: Legacy’ will get fans looking into their classical music roots.

The dance duo’s soundtrack has already been lauded in early previews of the film as beautiful and groundbreaking. The band are hoping that their use of orchestras will turn more people onto the power of orchestral music.

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo said: "The soul and emotion of classical music is so powerful that to like it is so easy - it's just people think you need to be educated.

"I thought that myself for a long time, until I had listened to so many kinds of music, that one day I just tried it."

Daft Punk bandmate, Tomas Bangalter, explained: "This project is by far the most challenging and complex thing we have ever been involved with.

"Coming from our background of making electronic music in a small bedroom, then ending up having our music performed by a 90-piece orchestra - we are lucky to have had the opportunity to experience some powerful moments artistically over the years, but recording this orchestra was a very intense experience."

The 'Tron: Legacy' soundtrack will be released on December 7 and you can listen to one of the tracks below: