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Bono: David Bowie gave me singing tips

U2 superstar Bono has revealed that David Bowie once showed him how to add a touch of femininity to his overly masculine vocals.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Bono expressed his love for the ‘Space Oddity’ star, saying that U2 are very much in his musical debt.

"U2 owe him a lot. He introduced us to Berlin and Hansa Studios, to collaborating with Brian Eno,” Bono said.

"It's the high singing, beyond your 'man' voice into the feminine. And there's the staging, the attempt to be innovative.

He added: "It's not exaggerating to say, what Elvis meant to America, David Bowie meant to the UK and Ireland. It was that radical a shift in consciousness.

"The first time I saw him was singing 'Starman' on television. It was like a creature falling from the sky. Americans put a man on the moon. We had our own British guy from space - with an Irish mother."

Watch both singers and many more lending their voices to Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ below: