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Friday, April 15, 2016 1:20pm ET by  
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Charlie Puth describes his dream date as nothing fancy

Hitmaker Charlie Puth has opened up about his favourite type of date and it doesn't involve getting dressed up and going out somewhere swanky

24-year-old singer-songwriter admitted to SiriusXM that dates don't need to be fancy and he likes having a relaxed vibe when he's seeing someone:

“I feel like the best dates are super chill. [We had] dinner, went home, watched TV and then somehow had the appetite for Chinese food. Super cool girl.”

While hosting the most recent Weekend Countdown programme, Puth also confessed his biggest fear and confessed that he doesn't like crowded spaces: “I like people, but I get claustrophobic.” He also told the station that his favourite films are "old-school comedies like Animal House, Naked Gun, Airplane and Caddyshack."

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