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The Lumineers: 'It’s hard enough to write one good song, much less ten or eleven'

The Lumineers just scored a No.1 album in the UK with new offering 'Cleopatra' and they sat down for a chat with Billboard about their success and career to date. 

Cellist Neyla Pekarek explained to Billboard that the group's rise to fame was a very fast-paced experience: ”It happened so fast. I was living in this really crappy apartment working a bazillion side jobs just to pay student loans off, and all of a sudden we’re at the Grammys. I’m just now sort of getting to the point where I’m able to reflect on it.”

Wesley Schultz added that the pressure of following on from having a smash hit song like 'Ho Hey' is hard to contend with: “It’s hard enough to write one good song, much less ten or eleven good tracks. I think the hard thing was putting one foot in front of the other and getting the first song finished.”

They also went onto talk about their new chart-topping record 'Cleopatra', adding: "There are certain pressures, and ‘Ophelia’ definitely touches on that -- the pressure you face dealing with the inevitable changes around you. But there’s no quick way to get over that pressure. We just try to have tunnel vision and return to the roots of what got us here.”

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