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Counterfeit: 'We're just trying to be as honest as possible'

Punk rockers Counterfeit have revealed that having a band member who has made a name for himself as an actor is great, but it also puts unfair pressure on them to be successful. 

The band, made up of Jimmy Craig, Sam Bower, Jamie Bower, Tristan Marmont and Roland Johnson, spoke to Wonderland magazine about the expectation that comes from being in such a situation and explained that they try not to let it bother them and, instead, are just focusing on their creativity and craft:

"We’re under no illusion that because of what Jamie has done in his other career that this has drawn an audience that perhaps could have taken some time to gain, and we’re grateful for the support but this in turn has put pressure on us to deliver."

"We’re just trying to be as honest as possible. We are prepared for snobbery. I suppose it comes with the territory but before you write us off we urge you to give us a listen. If you don’t like it then that’s cool and if you do well that’s just great. At the end of the day we’re just another band who care about what we do and want to be creative."

The band are currently on tour and their schedule can be seen below:

  • 27th April – Rome, Orion
  • 29th April – Milan, Fabrique
  • 30th April – Zurich, Dynamo
  • 3rd May – Barcelona, Bikini
  • 4th May – Madrid, Caracol 

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Watch Counterfeit's music video for 'Enough' here:


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