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Ricky Gervais on being David Bowie's pen pal

British comedian and actor Ricky Gervais has opened up about how he became pen pals with his hero David Bowie after the two wrote a song together.

The song – called ‘Pug-Nosed Face’ – came into being after Gervais sent Bowie lyrics.

During an interview with Magic 105.4 radio, Gervais explained: "I've written a song with him - it was called 'Pug-Nosed Face' and it was about me! I sent him the lyrics and I was talking to him on the phone and I was going, 'If you could do something really retro like 'Life on Mars'?' and he went, 'Oh sure, I'll just knock off a 'Life on Mars' for you then shall I?' It was great!

"Later he must have got my email and he said, 'I watched 'The Office'. It was funny. I laughed. What do I do now?' and we sort of became pen pals."

The star also admitted to sending the legendary singer abusive emails as a joke: "I remember I sent him an email on his 57th birthday and I said, '57! Isn't it about time you got a proper job? Ricky Gervais, 42, comedian.' And he wrote back, 'I have a proper job. David Bowie, 57, rock god'."

The full interview will air on November 28 on British station Magic 105.4.

Check out Bowie talking about their song below: