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Halsey promises her second album is in progress: 'It'll come eventually'

Hitmaker Halsey has revealed that she is hard at work on her second album at the moment. 

During her time hosting a show on Sirius XM recently, the 'Ghost' sensation admitted that she is working on her sophomore album although the progress is slow: “I’m a little bit more of a creative roadblock person right now. Still kind of just trucking along. This album two will come along eventually. I just have to pull it out of me, I swear!”

Halsey also opened up about what inspired her to write her hit single 'Colors', adding: “My song 'Colors' is about being in a relationship with someone and kind of watching the vibrancy slowly start to leak out of them, watch the colours start to fade."

She continued: "Whether they’re falling victim to drugs or falling victim to work or any sort of negative behavior that’s kind of taking them away from the bright and lively person that they used to be. You can kind of see them start to fade to gray, and you wish you had them back the way that they used to be.”

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