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Becky G spills on Power Rangers film role: 'My fans will be so surprised'

Singer Becky G has opened up about the role she plays in the forthcoming new Power Rangers movie

The 'Shower' beauty will play Trini Kwan, AKA the Yellow Ranger, and she told Teen Vogue that her fans will probably be surprised by her on-screen presence as it won't be the Becky G they're familiar with:

"I think my fans can expect something totally different than what they’re used to seeing. I’m a pretty real person, open and whatnot. But for people who may not really be too familiar with my music, I think they see a pop princess always glammed up. You know, pretty all the time. This character is the total opposite of that.”

"I think it’ll surprise people how much I really do relate to her (the character). What I’ve used for inspiration to get into certain mindsets are…things I’m going through in my career. Even though she may not be this musical person, she’s dealing with her own struggles and I’m also dealing with mine.” 

She recently told Us magazine about her belief in being an independent woman and confessed that she has learned to put herself first: “[The diamond on my ring finger is] my first big-girl purchase that I made for myself. My first real diamonds. I put them on those fingers because I feel like those are very special fingers and the most important thing you can do is learn to love yourself first in order for somebody else to love you.”

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Check out an interview with Becky G below:


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