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Ben Folds praises Kesha: 'She took the tough road and stuck up for herself'

Last week, Ben Folds and Kesha put on an impromptu performance at The Orpheum in Los Angeles and he has now opened up about their live creative collaboration. 

During a new interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, the musician was asked how his performance with Kesha came about and confessed that it was just a case of being in the right place at the right time and having schedules that worked:

"We were fortunate, musically. When we were told [Kesha's performance] wasn't going to be on, I was just like [to Kesha], "Why don't you come onstage and do it with us tonight, and we'll arrange something quickly for it?" The song is only piano and vocals, but for that show we created a broader arrangement. I think it gave her a life raft – knowing it had gone over so well at my show."

Folds also spoke about how he came to meet the 'Die Young' songstress, adding: "I've known Kesha for a while. I'm proud of her, personally and musically. She's the real thing. I met her shortly after she broke through a mutual friend. She told me how she'd sneak into my shows when she was in high school. I'm not sure why she had to sneak in [laughs], but we've settled that."

He concluded: "The main thing is that Kesha has had the same choice as everyone: take the tough road and stick up for herself or just get in line. The fact that her personal and artistic growth is so important to her that she's willing to be kicked off television shows and not put a record out – that's what people are responding to. It takes guts to develop your voice, reinvent and be yourself like David Bowie or any other great artist. She just took a big risk. Plus, she's fuckin' way good."

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Watch Ben Folds and Kesha performing together here:


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