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Ellie Goulding unveils Bridget Jones soundtrack offering

Musician Ellie Goulding has unveiled her song from the soundtrack to the brand new “Bridget Jones” movie.

Her contribution to "Bridget Jones's Baby" is a melodic, upbeat song called “Still Falling For You” and it appeared online today. She opened up about getting involved in the film’s soundtrack and explained that it was a no-brainer because she loves the movie and its characters.

"I often get people asking me if I want to do films because I think people know I'm very interested in being part of film soundtracks. I just love the idea of being part of something quite timeless and kind-of being part of a soundtrack to something epic."

"And depending on what film it is, and so when they said it was Bridget, and obviously, you know, it's an institution and it's just, like, it's so amazingly British and awesome. And I watched the first two films, obviously, back in the day and, like, I still watch them now."

"And so as soon as they said Bridget I was like ''absolutely!'' And then when I found out about the story and how things with her have sort of developed, it was just really lovely, but still, you know, still funny. So yeah, that's why I got involved."

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Listen to the song below:


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