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Thursday, September 1, 2016 2:40pm ET by  
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Nick Cannon: 'Sometimes Mariah thinks I put people up to making jokes about her'

Nick Cannon has revealed that his ex-wife Mariah Carey knows that as a comedian it's likely he will make jokes about his personal life, which might at times include his relationship with her. 

Cannon told Entertainment Tonight that Carey has a very good sense of humour although he sometimes has to give her a "heads up" if he knows a fellow comic might make a joke about her in their set:

“Sometimes you do (have to give Mariah a heads up), man, and she thinks I’m the one that put people up to that stuff. I get myself in enough trouble! But she has fun with it too. She knows that, you know, there’s no hard feelings and it’s all love so when people joke and I make jokes, it’s just all in jest.”

Cannon, who has twins Moroccan and Monroe with Carey, recently told DJ Howard Stern what the worst thing has been about divorcing Carey: "It's kind of f**ked up when time with your kids is considered visitations. It's unfair to the fathers in the situation. I'm just keeping it real...That's pain, right there."

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Watch an interview with Cannon below:


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