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James Morrison’s father died after drinking binge

An inquest revealed yesterday (December 6) that the father of singer James Morrison died from liver disease after a six-month long drinking binge.

Paul Catchpole was found by paramedics at a property in Warwickshire, England last August, unconscious and surrounded by beer cans. He passes away before he made it to the hospital.

Coventry Coroner's Court heard on Monday that Catchpole had battled alcohol addiction for 20 years and the night of his death had been helped home by a passer-by after he collapsed in the street.

According to his sister, James Morrison had “tried desperately” to help his father beat his addiction and was “devastated” by his death.

Sister Nicky said: "James was very close to him. He offered to buy him a flat so he could get healthy. But it was no use."

Watch Morrison’s video for 'You Give Me Something' below: