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Louisa Johnson on debut album: 'It's kind of like a diary entry'

Former X Factor winner Louisa Johnson has revealed that she is anxious to release her debut album because it's very authentic. 

The songstress told BANG Showbiz that she is nervous about her first full-length record because it's "kind of like a diary entry" in that it's incredibly personal and she didn't hold back lyrically:

"It's really hard not to give anything away I feel like the album is definitely going to be very versatile, it's kind of like a diary entry. I haven't really held back on what I said either, it's quite... I'm scared."

Louisa Johnson went onto add that she has been wary of the subjects she writes about, but believes that everything on the album is as it should be: "Yeah I have had to check a few things, it's a bit risky. Nothing about anyone in particular, just about situations I've been in, it's exciting."

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Watch her music video for 'So Good' here:

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