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Busted's Matt Willis: 'It's still fun, we still have a laugh'

Busted's Matt Willis has opened up about being on the road and confessed that it's a lot more low-key now than it used to be

He told BANG Showbiz that the main focus now is putting on a good show and preparing for that side of things:

"For me, went I am on tour I wake up in the morning prepare for that hour and a half on stage. I get myself prepared to do that. Where as before I would wake up at 4pm and stumble on the bus and turn up at the venue and do the gig and go and get wrecked and it is not really like that anymore. It's still fun, we still have a laugh. We are not boring d***s who just go and drink herbal tea and play Scrabble."

He went onto add that having a family is the only thing that makes being on the road really, really difficult: "It's the only downside of being in a band. Being in a band is so f***ing awesome. I'd prefer to be in a band than do anything else."

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Watch the band in action below:

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