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Naughty Boy has an unheard George Michael song: 'It's amazing, but bitter sweet'

Hitmaker Naughty Boy has revealed that he has an unheard song by the late George Michael

After his Live Lounge performance on BBC Radio 1 today (January 19), he explained that he isn't sure what he's going to do with the song yet, but it's "amazing": "It wasn't like ah this big music industry arranging it - I've just been a fan forever. The song's amazing but it's just bitter sweet."

He first shared the news at the BBC Music Awards and explained that the late music icon reached out to him after hearing Naughty Boy praising him in an interview:

"I don't know what to expect. And, to be honest, he's more mysterious than anyone else so I'm actually excited. I reached out and then he got back. He's got an album coming out next year, and he's going to be doing something for my album as well."

"This is the most interesting collaboration. It's easier to do what's relevant but someone like George is timeless. Naughty Boy featuring George Michael - it just sounds right!"

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Watch Naughty Boy in action below:

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