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John Legend on being political and using his voice: 'If you don't agree, unfollow'

Singer-songwriter John Legend has revealed that having a political opinion when you have a huge social media presence can be tough, but in times like these it's important not to shy away from using the platform. 

Chatting to NPR's David Greene, he explained that people can just unfollow him if they don't like what he has to say: "If you don't agree with my politics, the best way to love me is to just not follow me on Twitter. Honestly. Because I'm going to talk about politics on Twitter, but you can enjoy my music without even reading my Twitter."

When asked if he is fine with people deciding not to listen to his music again because of his political opinion, the 'All Of Me' star said:

"I think that's their choice. If they found out how many of their favourite artists were probably more liberal than them, then their music collection will start to suffer! But it's fine — everybody makes their own choice. and I make my own choice to speak. I don't have to, and I know there's some cost that might be associated with it, but I do it anyway."

He went onto add that most artists are likely to have liberal political opinions so having a President who will try to turn people against the arts is just ridiculous: "Well, we've always been liberal. Musicians, actors — it's almost by disposition. We deal with the gay and lesbian community all the time, so we're gonna feel like they should have the right to get married just like we do."

"We deal with people of all colors and all races and we travel to different countries all the time to perform, so we're going to have a more global view and more inclusive view. It's almost by nature and by circumstance of the things that we do. So if America doesn't want to consume the art of people who are liberal-minded, there's not gonna be a lot of art for them to consume. It's as simple as that, because the best artists — most of them are liberal. Sorry!"

Listen to John Legend and Ariana Grande's cover of 'Beauty & the Beast' below:

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