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Debbie Harry: 'Bowie was instrumental in launching our career'

Blondie's frontwoman Debbie Harry has revealed that the legendary David Bowie inspired her group and "opened a lot of doors" for them at the beginning. 

Chatting to the Radio X Evening Show with Gordon Smart this week, she explained that the late music icon was hugely influential when they started finding their feet as a band: 

"I think Bowie was instrumental in launching our career as a real touring live entity and he was extremely generous to us. He opened… I think he opened a lot of doors for us by, you know, putting us on that tour with Iggy. And that was the first step in the right direction. A big step. So he was totally responsible for that."

She was also asked about the time when Blondie snuck into the inner ring at Stonehenge and said: "Well, I remember different aspects of it and climbing over the fences wasn’t… I don’t think that I was one of the fence climbers, you know."

"But I think, you know, the boys had to touch, you know they wanted to really touch that big stone and I envy them that… but we were allowed to go up the path and I remember feeling some kind of - I know I’ll probably be debunked about this - but I remember getting closer to the ring and feeling, like, this sort of magnetic force, you know like this sort of electrical feeling that came. Clearly I walked through this field of energy when I got up closer to it. So I’ll never forget that, that was quite something."

Listen to Blondie's new song 'Fun' here:

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