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Saturday, February 11, 2017 3:00am ET by  

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John Legend on 'La La Land': 'It's making people feel good during a difficult time'

Singer John Legend, who stars as Keith in the film 'La La Land', has revealed that he's so proud of the project's commercial success and 14 Oscar nominations

Chatting to Newsweek Europe about the movie's popularity with audiences and awarding bodies alike, he explained that it's amazing to have been a part of something so powerful and entertaining:

"It's been incredible. I feel so happy for Damien [Chazelle, director] because this has been his vision for a long time--to see it come to fruition and for him to have done it so beautifully, and at such a young age, is incredible. The team is incredible: Justin Hurwitz, the composer, and of course Ryan [Gosling] and Emma [Stone]."

"The reason the film is getting all this recognition is because people love it and that's not changing at all. People have quibbles with it but you could have quibbles with every movie. This movie is making people feel good in a time where a lot of other things aren't making people feel good."

Watch clips from 'La La Land' here:

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