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The Vamps talk romance and Valentine's Day

British pop-rockers The Vamps have revealed that they used to send cute Valentine's gifts to classmates at school.

During an interview with Ticketmaster, the lads chatted about romantic things they did on Valentine's Day. Guitarist James McVey asked his bandmates: "Did you guys used to have letterboxes at school? The kind that the teacher would make and you'd have to do your little letters?

Drummer Tristan Evans said: "You could send someone roses at my school... I never received a rose, so... I remember giving two different ones - player - I did different handwriting, different pen colour."

The Vamps, meanwhile, recently teased that their new album will have a "different format" than their previous two full-length releases: "Well, we might be doing it in a different format than we've done before. So there might be a bit of a twist on the next album... but sound-wise, quite similar to 'All Night' we think, but you'll see. You'll have to wait and see."

Watch the interview here:

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