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Emma Watson on 'Beauty and the Beast' remake: 'There's more depth and detail'

Actress Emma Watson stars in the new live-action remake of Disney's classic 'Beauty and the Beast' as lead character Belle and she has revealed that this reimagined version undoubtedly has "more depth". 

She told reporters at the recent UK premiere: "I just think that if you love the original, then we really fill in parts of the backstory. There's more depth, there's more detail, and I think that if you're a fan then there's more to enjoy."

She then opened up about what she thinks make the character of Belle so good, adding: "For me it's just that she's so non-judgemental. She's able to see past Beast's exterior and even his bad temper, frankly, to see that there's a vulnerable and loving man underneath. And I think people could learn a lot from Belle."

Watch a trailer for the highly anticipated new film here:

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