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Gorillaz unveil video for ‘Phoner To Arizona’

Gorillaz have debuted a new video for ‘Phoner To Arizona’ from their new album ‘The Fall’ which will be available for free download off on Christmas Day.

The song is mostly instrumental and the accompanying video documents the band’s U.S. tour with quick-cut footage of backstage antics and travel shots.

Damon Albarn says that ‘The Fall’ was recorded on his iPad during the tour in October. He describes the record as a “sonic journal”.

He said: "I did it because there's a lot of time that you just spend staring at walls essentially. And it was a fantastic way of doing it.

"I found working in the day, whether it's in the hotel or in the venue, it was a brilliant way of keeping myself well."

Watch the new video for ‘Phoner To Arizona’ Below: