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Shayne Ward wants to duet with Matt Cardle

2005’s ‘X Factor’ winner Shayne Ward has revealed that he would love to record a duet with this year’s champ Matt Cardle. The star believes that their voices are made for each other.

Talking to Ok! Magazine, Shayne said: “I’d love to duet with Matt because I really like his voice and the tone that he’s got and the emotion that he uses.

“I reckon that our voices together would actually go pretty well together.”

The Manchester native just released his new album ‘Obsession’ after disappearing for three years from the music scene. Ward says he sees himself in Matt.

He said: “People keep saying to me that Matt reminds them of me back in 2005. I can see it myself now.

“We are such emotional singers and he connects with the public very well - that’s the most important thing.”

Watch Shayne's video for 'Gotta Be Somebody' below: