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Fax is the only way for Keith Richards

Rolling Stones' rocker Keith Richards will only send messages through a fax machine, fellow band mate Ronnie Wood has revealed. 

Wood, who finds this rather age old method of communication tricky, explained:

"Keith, he still communicates through fax, no other way but a fax."

"That's why I never hear much from him because I ain't got a fax machine."

"It's fantastic, you get a message from Keith on a fax. You get 'I don't know when, I don't know where, just get ready. Love, Keith'. It means we may be touring sometimes in the next decade, I don't know."

He goes on to reveal that although Richards, 67, is having trouble with technology his other friends and former Faces band mate Rod Stewart are embracing the digital age:

"I have had various emails, because Rod is getting very, very good on the emails, we've been doing to and fros lately, with sort of 'How you doing, mate?', you know, blah blah blah."

Watch a recent interview with Keith Richards here:

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