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Jessie J fit for the royal wedding

Jessie J's debut album, 'Who You Are', is now available in the UK in both original and bonus version formats and has already rocketed up the iTunes chart to number 2 and 3 respectively. 

The 'Price Tag' chart topper gave newspaper The Sun a track-by-track explanation of the music that features on her exciting new record, and even reveals that one song would be perfect for the royal wedding:

"Who You Are: This song saved my life musically. The day before I wrote this song I was ready to give up music. It's amazing how three-and-a-half minutes of melody and lyrics can change your life and I'm so happy that not only has it saved my life but it's saving other people's. That's why my debut album is called Who You Are."

"L.O.V.E.: I definitely think it's a wedding song - Kate and Will, holla at your girl!"

"Big White Room: I call this song my comfort blanket song. It was the first one I ever wrote when I was 17 and it's the only song recorded live on the album."

Jessie J also tweeted just after midnight:

"Its here. The moment I've been waiting for... #whoyouare is now available in the #UK GO GO GO!! Thank you to all my#heartbeats <3 x"

Watch her address rumours about her sexuality and perform 'I'm In Love' live at London's G-A-Y here: