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Adele tells all on Chelsea Lately

Adele appeared on American television last night (February 28) for an interview with the fantastic Chelsea Handler. 

She sat down to talk about the release of her second album, '21', in the States and was able to drop in many endearing anecdotes along the way. When asked how the guy she based some of the record on was doing, her ex-boyfriend, she responded:

"Well, I think he's a bit bitter because the album's doing a lot better than anyone expected and I think he's still hanging out in London in a bit of a shabby apartment and I'm staying in a very nice hotel round the corner!"

She also revisited the moment she almost ran over P Diddy in a golf cart:

"I think it was like my first interview for a year and a half because I'd been hiding away writing the new record, so I was just really excited that someone was talking to me!"

"I saw him on the Sony plot and someone gave me a golf buggy, and I can't drive very well. I saw him and I was in full hair and make up so I thought I'd, in a glamourous way, go over and introduce myself and be like "hi"! I got so excited I put my foot down and was like "alright P Diddy!", but he kind of had to jump out the way a little bit because I took my hands off the steering wheel!"

Watch Adele's recent performance of 'Someone Like You' on Jimmy Kimmel Live here: