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Leona Lewis named London's most influential woman

In celebration of International Women's Day, March 8, London newspaper Metro asked readers to vote for their most inspirational and influential woman to have lived in England's capital in the past century. 

Leona Lewis was crowned the winner, taking "almost two-thirds of the votes". She won with 70.9%, which overshadowed historical greats such as Virginia Woolf who had only 0.15% and Emmeline Pankhurst, leading member of the Suffragetes, with 1.78%. 

The 'Bleeding Love' star has recently been using her Twitter account to send positive and constructive messages to fans, including animal rights arguments and how women should support one another:

"It's so sad how some women try and bring other women down or pit them against each other. We need to be elevating each other stop hating"

"Fur is NOT a bi-product the animal is killed so some awful human can wear it! It makes me so angry, EDUCATE yourself! It's so barbaric!"

Watch Leona talk about her forthcoming third album, which is said to have a dub step influence, here: