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George Michael likens Elton to Catherine Tate character

George Michael has acknowledged that people tend to become more disheartened as they age, but notes there's one star and friend in particular who is becoming downright "grumpy". 

Speaking to Bauer Radio: In Demand, the 'Faith' singer joked that long-time friend Sir Elton John is getting cranky as he gets older:

"We all earn the right to get a little more grumpy as we get older - but he's getting terribly close to Nan territory, you know the Nan from Catherine Tate."

He also made clear that he was only teasing, and added:

"Elton can do no wrong because he did so much right for my life. He was one of my mentors in every way as a child who really wanted to write and sing."

"He will always have a special place regardless of our tiffs."

Check out George Michael's Comic Relief single, 'True Faith', here: