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The Vaccines glad Liam Gallagher called them boring

British band The Vaccines have taken Liam Gallagher's recent criticism with a pinch of salt and are at least glad to be on the ex-Oasis star's radar. 

The Beady Eye frontman told the NME that he thought the newcomers were uninteresting back in December last year:

"I've got my eye on you,"  

"But I'm gonna train it somewhere else now because you're fucking boring me."

The Vaccines, who are on the new edition of NME's cover, hit back at the comments and said they'd rather be known that be a band that people were indifferent to:

"It was a good thing. If Liam says you’re a good band then you’re as good as dead."

"So I was happy just to be on his radar."

The band have also been making waves at this year's SXSW festival in the USA and member Robertson explained the size of the 'pop up' shows they've been playing to The Star:

"Last time I knew what a pop-up show was, it was a pop-up show,”

"It didn’t have an international live broadcast, a huge f---in’ banner and 40 people on crew. ‘Look, it’s a pop-up show! We just decided to do it. We’re crazy and spontaneous!’ It was hilarious."

Watch the band's latest video for 'The Vaccines In Paris' here: