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Nikki Sixx's cathartic new book

Nikki Sixx, Mötley Crüe's bassist of around 30 years, has released his new book called 'This Is Gonna Hurt'.

This is his sophomore literary offering and whilst his debut, 'The Heroin Diaries', detailed his spiralling drug addiction, his new release showcases a real talent of photography and exudes productivity and inspiration. 

Speaking to Pop Eater, the rocker revealed that putting the book together "became a way for me to understand my life":

"I've been doing photography for a really long time, 10 years, and I'm really serious about it. I've sort of kept a lot of it to myself. The more and more I started having a body of work then the concept of a book started to come."

"My life has been about adversity and overcoming adversity. Some of my photography subjects, it's unbelievable what they've been through. At the end of the day you go, ''I've got so much to be grateful for."

He also opened up about his progression in A.A and expressed his belief in a "higher power" before stressing that he has really turned a corner in his life and feels very positive:

"I am! I'm ridiculously infectious. I'm an infection you don't need a shot for, at least not on the first date."

Watch him talk about his new work here: