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Jessie J's addiction

Essex-born singer-songwriter Jessie J has revealed that singing has gone past the point of being a passion and has become more of an addiction. 

The 'Price Tag' star explained that she simply needs to perform:

"Performing is my drug. If I don’t gig for a while, I get a bit like I need to sing."

"My guitarist Ben knows. He’ll just come and sit in my dressing room and play or at times on a promo he’ll just sit with me playing because I need it so much.”

After admitting that she's "not keen on the whole people knowing who I am thing", Jessie J had the last laugh after a recent gig where she left the venue unnoticed:

"I just came out of the venue and walked into hundred of fans and I have geeky glasses on and a hat and no one recognised me!! Hahaha!!"

She also tweeted today, April 4, to tell fans her album has just been certified Platinum in the UK. Watch her perform an acoustic version of 'Stand Up' here: