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Hanson for 5 London gigs

'Mmmbop' stars Hanson will play 5 consecutive gigs at London's Kings College where they will be performing one album per show to cover all of their recorded material. 

A statement on the band's official website explains:

"Each night Hanson will perform one of their five albums in its entirety, ending with a performance of their new album 'Shout It Out', set to release in the UK this summer."

Fans of the trio will also be able to get their hands on tickets to pre-show events, where the brothers will talk about their music and career in the industry. They will perform these albums at the following dates:

  • June 5 - Middle Of Nowhere
  • June 6 - This Time Around
  • June 7 - Underneath
  • June 8 - The Walk
  • June 10 - Shout It Out

Tickets are available through their website and you can watch Hanson's new video for 'Give A Little' here:



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