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Jessie J shocked at crowd's binge drinking

BRIT award-winning vocalist and songwriter Jessie J recently confessed to having an addiction to performing, but after her gig at an Irish university last night (April 8) her faith seems to have been left shaken. 

Tweeting late last night, the 'Price Tag' singer wrote:

"Just came off stage at trinity ball. Probably one of the hardest gigs to date. To see so many people so drunk they couldnt even stand. Girls unconcious and them literally trampling on eachother. #wasnteasy"

Jessie J has spoken out before about the fact that she doesn't drink and explained this afternoon that she was simply 'shocked' at the effects of teenage binge drinking:

"Can i just clear up that last night was a UNIVERSITY BALL and it was students. I was just shocked at how intoxicated they were and i was genuinely worried for them. im not used to it thats all. And its not just in Ireland its everywhere. As a non drinker. I just wanna spread the msg that binge drinking is dangerous. #ijustcare"

Watch Jessie J talking to her audience in Dublin here: