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Jessie J's anti-binge drinking speech backlash

Jessie J spoke out last week about the dangers of binge drinking after performing to an "intoxicated" crowd in Ireland, but her caring comments have caused something of a backlash. 

The 'Price Tag' singer explained that the gig, which was at Trinity University's student ball, was full of "people so drunk they couldnt even stand. Girls unconcious and them literally trampling on eachother" and her public mention of the situation got some of her Twitter followers a little hot under the collar. 

One fan wrote:

"didnt think ya shudda twted that! Trini students get a hard time from media already, you have just made it worse now for us"

Tweeting this afternoon, April 11, Jessie J asked her followers incredulously:

"Why am I getting so much shit for being concerned about my fans? Binge drinking exsists everywhere and I NEVER singled out Ireland. I had a great time in Ireland and met some incredible fans, but this twitter is about a journey so im not gonna ignore things that bother me."

Watch a recent interview with the BRIT award-winning star here: