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Cee Lo's Coachella struggle

This weekend saw the return of California's popular Coachella Festival, but confusion over stage times saw Cee Lo Green dealing with power issues. 

The 'Fuck You' star took the stage 25 minutes later than advertised on Friday, April 15 and just after he finished performing his anthemic anti-love song he was subjected to an enforced power cut. Referencing his untimely arrival, Cee Lo explained to the irritated crowd:

"Sorry guys, I just landed. Y'all still gonna party with me? I only have 20 minutes. It ain't my fault. They should have... given me a better time slot."

Toward the end of his set, he shouted across the PA:

"Yo yo, I wish I could have done a better show for you, I'm so sorry. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the show, it's not my fault."

Watch his set and very abrupt ending in full below: