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Neck scarves a must for Mary J. Blige

The 'No More Drama' singer, Mary J. Blige, has revealed that wearing neck scarves is something she incorporates into her pre-show ritual. 

Like most vocalists, Blige has a routine that she performs before stepping onto the stage, but hers is purely professional and she talked the New York Post through it:

"Humidifier. No air-conditioner on show day. Drink lots of water. Wear neck scarves. Do warm-ups. Don't yell at anybody. My voice coach gives me a CD, so I practice those lessons before I go on stage."

Unlike many of today's autotuned pop princesses, she enjoys maintaining vocal excellence naturally and continued:

"The throat gets tired. You get hoarse. There's reflux. Sleeping, you burn up your vocal cord. You must care about that. It's a muscle. It needs fine tuning."

"See, you've got to be the best. I want to be the best. There is no trick."

Watch her brand new video for 'Someone To Love Me (Naked)' here: