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Ringo Starr: "The Beatles were lucky to get me"

Former member of The Beatles, Ringo Starr, claims he was more famous in his own right than the band was in Liverpool around the time they started making music together. 

No 70-years-old, Starr famously joined the iconic group two years after its inception, replacing original drummer Pete Best, but he explained to Live magazine that he was easily the better choice:

"Within Liverpool, I was a lot more well know than them. Rory and the Hurricanes (Starr's former band) were big shots in the city. We had the suits. That was our claim to fame. The Beatles were lucky to get me. It wasn't just that I was a big shot; I was a cool drummer."

He also opened up about his relationship with fellow bandmate and long-time friend Sir Paul McCartney, and revealed he always claims to be "too busy" to join him on tour:

"Every time I ask him to tour with the All Starrs, he says he is too busy. We're as close as we want to be. We're the only two remaining Beatles, although he likes to think he's the only one. I actually think it's people on the outside who perceive Paul as thinking he's the only member left, when actually it's me. I am the last remaining Beatle."

Watch Ringo Starr's promotional video for his upcoming European tour here: