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Joe Jonas debuts solo single 'See No More'

Joe Jonas has given his first solo single its world premiere. 

The track, 'See No More', debuted on Chicago's 96.3 FM this morning (June 3) and has got fans' tongues wagging as it is currently dominating the top ten trending topics list on social networking site Twitter. 

He co-wrote the single with Chris Brown and told the radio DJs that his two brothers, Nick and Kevin, are incredibly supportive of his decision to launch a solo career:

"It's exciting, you know? I mean, having my brothers' support in this whole project is the biggest thing for me and the fact that they're loving the music and everything,"

"Being onstage by myself, you know? It will be different for sure. I know there's going to be that little bit of jitters that I'll have to get out of me that are just going to be there."

Check out the song in full below: