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JLo still confused by love

Jennifer Lopez still finds love to be one of the most confusing things to exist despite being happily married to Marc Anthony.

The 'I'm Into You' singer has 3-year-old twins with her husband, but explained to You magazine that it's an emotion she can't control or fully understand, which coincidentally is an idea she explores on her new album aptly titled, 'Love?':

"I admit it, I still find love the most confusing, fascinating thing in the world."

"I think a lot of people go through life wondering if it'll happen for them. I definitely went through stages of thinking, 'Am I ever going to find Prince Charming?'"

"No matter how much experience you have in love, you're always learning new things about it; you're always going to have questions you can never fully answer."

She also revealed that being a mother has given her access to a new realm of love and extreme of happiness, one that she describes as "more profound":

"I'm in a really happy, good place now, and when you have babies, you feel a different kind of love to anything you've experienced - deeper, more profound."

Watch JLo and her husband perform together on the finale of American Idol here: