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Chemical Brothers say multisensory performances are the way forward

The Chemical Brothers, who wowed crowds at Glastonbury festival over the weekend, have admitted their sound has evolved to the point where it's no longer just about the music. 

The duo, made up of Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands, spoke to London's Metro newspaper about their marrying of sound with visuals when they perform live and explained "It’s exciting that the music’s much bigger than us."

The 'Galvanize' stars have become known for their high-octane, multisensory shows and love the idea of being able to overwhelm their audiences with their fusion of audio and visual components:

"We always liked the idea of “owning” the first time people come in contact with our music. At a Chemical Brothers show, you’ll hear it the way we imagined it, with visuals that are as overwhelming as possible…"

Simons added:

"Great dance music will always have a lot of emotion. There’s a lot of texture and force in our tracks and that’s boosted by the imagery."

The pair have been working closely with independent film-makers Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall, who said of the long-term collaboration:

"There’s so much variety in The Chemical Brothers’ music, it’s a dream come true in terms of making visuals. Their tracks are full of noises you’ve never heard before and incredible hooks. It’s a bombardment of the senses, with total heart and soul."

"We use a lot of visuals “magically” emerging from darkness, and primary colours. A lot of that comes from working with primitive projectors in the early days, when we had to compete to stand out. Now we’ve got amazing Solaris light cylinders and hi-tech “stealth screens” and more intricate plans but the style has remained."

Watch The Chemical Brothers perform 'Don't Think' live at Glastonbury here:


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